Playing Wrong It With Super Powers

In case you haven’t noticed the blog domain is updated! And yes it’s been a busy weekend but I’ve squeezed in an episode. This week I talk about Super Hero RPG’s and dang it they are tough to run. I talk about some of the problems and the two best games that fight my tastes depending on what kind of campaign I want to run. My two faves right now are Supers Revised Edition and Vigilante City. Plus a review will coming up on the blog for BX Gangbusters by Mark Hunt.
What else? I offer up a little wisdom to new DM’s and rant about the “new” monsters from Supplement 1: Greyhawk.
You can listen to this Episode on or search for Playing It Wrong on your favorite podcast service.
Or heck just stream it right here. I told I was working on the blog too.

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