Playing It Wrong: I Hate Some People

Yes, I know I missed last week and barely got this week’s done. Life around the Gazebo has been busy and I just ain’t used to all the moving furniture and appliances around. So I’m still dog tired and sore.
This episode is a total ramble cast. I hate “some people”. You know that mythical bunch that is always cited by someone in online arguments. It’s always “some people”. Not much going on in the way of gaming but got lots of ideas bouncing around inside my head. But that’s for a later blog post. Plus a shout out to the new Kickstarter by Bloat Games, Survive This Fantasy. And there’s some other stuff too. No Tomes of Ancient Forbidden Knowledge. That’ll be next episode.
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Remember: Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun.
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