Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise

This is a continuation/supplement/add-on for the previously published Cha’alt by Venger Satanis. While it is available on Drivethrurpg, it’s still in the “soft opening” stage. That means there’s still a typo or two in there and that there are couple bells and whistles to be added to the PDF. But don’t let that get you down, it’s a steal at around $5 (as of this writing) for over 200 pages of content.
In case you missed it, Cha’alt is a gonzo, eldritch, science-fantasy setting. It’s got just about every weird thing you can think of thrown together in blender and poured out on the page but it still has its own internal logic so all of that makes sense. Fuchsia Malaise continues the work of the original Cha’alt. It take a few areas and details them more and offers up a nice set of adventures to throw into your campaign. So if you’re a fan of the original Cha’alt then grab this up if you haven’t already.
OK. So what if you aren’t a fan of Cha’alt. Well, there’s still plenty for you to use. The book has a great section of random tables that can be used in a wide variety of campaigns. Plus there’s even more weird alien monsters to challenge the player characters. So it’s still can be a valuable tool if you aren’t running Cha’alt or something similar. Sure it’s still got all that weirdness that may not fit into a vanilla fantasy campaign but that’s OK. Throwing in the occasional really weird makes that weird even weirder.
It’s a good addition to my collection and pairing it with other weirdness has great potential to make a campaign that’s not so cookie cutter. And that’s the kind of thing that I think we need more of. Plus there’s a third book on the way; Chartreuse Shadows.
You can grab it up on Drivethrurpg

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