Barbaric!, Quantum Sorcery & Thoughts

Ahh, Barbaric! This little gem just keeps on bouncing around inside my head and more neat stuff keeps showing up. But first let me talk about Quantum Sorcery first.

Barbaric! is already really rules lite but is you want to go even lighter then there’s Quantum Sorcery. This distills the already short rules down to two pages (or one if you print front and back). Sure it doesn’t have all the monsters, spells, and magic items. Nor does it have the extra stuff about overland land travel. But the core for a quick pick-up games is there. The game mechanics are all basically the same. So it’s good if you want to test drive the rules. I’ve already done a review on Barbaric! so if you want more details then check that out. Oh and did I mention that it’s free. So check it out.

Now on to what’s in my head. Much like that dog who chased cars all his life and finally catches one. I don’t know what to do with it. Sure, I’ve got a couple of ideas. One that I’m still batting around inside my head that is going to a while before I say anything about it. I’ve learned that an idea my sound good in my head but when I actually put pen to paper, well, that idea ain’t so hot. So we’ll wait on that one. But I am putting together some notes that I think are pretty cool. Once this comes together more and some dice hit the table to play test a bit then I’ll let you know. Yeah, I know I’m teasing but in that sort of mood.

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