Underworld Kingdom Volumes 2 & 3

I grabbed up a couple PDF’s over the last week. I was looking for something weird and just a little dark. So I grabbed up some more Underworld Kingdom material. This is all in prep for a campaign after the group finishes of the current 5E Sword & Sorcery campaign.

Volume 2 is Dark Gods, Dark Magic. So this one starts off with some gods and elder Lovecraftian gods. None are exactly friendly or benevolent. But hey it’s called Dark Gods what do you expect? This one also has some new spells. Since the default setting for this is science fantasy, there are spells that interact with technology. Since I’m not planning on anything like that there are some that are pretty interesting. Then there’s something really useful. Renaming the standard spells to something more interesting. Sure it does make it easier to communicate at the table using the the standard names that have been around since the very early days. But it does add something if the party finds some scrolls or even a spell book. Just to gives things a little bit more mood. And finally, there’s specialty spells from the aforementioned Dark Gods. Once again, something handy to be reskinned into your weird world.

Volume 3 is Untold Monstrosities and Elder Artifacts. It’s monsters and magic items. Like I mentioned before the default is science fantasy so you’ve got crazy robots and cyborgs but those other creatures are pretty darned weird and twisted like the Skinless Ghouls or the Ho-Ru (aka Black Lizardmen). For the magic items, the thing I like the best are the potions and magical dusts as well as magical incense. Some do good things and others bad.

Both these PDF’s are bits, pieces, and inspirational material and ideas that you can plug into your own dark weird campaign. There’s no artwork nor is there any real layout. Think it as if you’re reading your own notes. These are things that I don’t personally mind in this case. I bought these with the goal of using them for inspirational material. And that’s what I got.

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