Shadowdark: The One To Look Out For In 2023

I wanted to throw this one out before things got too busy at the end of the year. So yes, this is game for you to look out for in 2023. The last I heard that it’s coming in March.

Why do I think this game is going to be cool? Well, I’ve picked up the Quickstart and grabbed up the beta rules when those were available. This game is old-school through and through. 3d6 in order. Thieves are Thieves. And they only have that d4 Hit Die. Now, it does use a few of the modern mechanics but nothing that I feel takes away from the old school elements. I won’t re-write my long rant on the beta rules but you can check that out over here. It also has a pretty generous compatibility license and folks are already writing stuff. Yes, I do have a couple of ideas bouncing around my head. Nothing has just came together yet.

You can grab the free Quick Start on DrivethruRPG or on the Arcane Library’s site.

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