Phylactery No 4 & Vulgar Display of Magic

Yes, I know I ranted about this when I got the PDF’s from the Kickstarter. Now have the physical copies in my grubby little hands. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Planet X Games.

This is issue number of the Phylactery zine. And I’ve got all the others. Overall get some wonderfully weird grindhouse/B-Movie type content for your games. It hits that sweet spot even more with just the right amount of dark humor to make even more appealing to someone like me. Yeah, I’m a weirdo. So what do you get? Some cool random tables to add some flair to a dungeon, wild and crazy rumors, and fun stuff. But wait there’s more! A mini-dungeon. New gods. Monsters. Magic Items. An NPC! Spells! And some very tongue in cheek bits. Like I said, it all hits that sweet spot for me.

Then there’s Vulgar Display of Magic. This one is all wild and crazy spells inspired by a misspent youth of Heavy Metal. Yeah, I’m a punk rock guy but don’t mean I don’t like this stuff too. I really feel Vulgar Display of Magic is a sequel to Planet X Games’ Magic & Shit. It’s a pretty good mix of spells. Most are around 5th level or so with a few at the lower range (1st) and the upper (9th). And there’s a good mix Cleric, Druid, and Magic-User spells. Like Phylactery, it’s a good addition of crazy material for your game.

With these little goodies in hand, I have the real urge to start planning a crazy D&D style campaign. I got no idea which of the multitude of rules I’d use. But there’s that craziness swirling around in the back of my head.

It’s well worth to check out Planet X Games stuff. You can find it mainly over at Exalted Funeral.

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