A Return to Yarc

I was chatting on Google+ last week with Eric of the totally awesome blob Swords & Stitchery about OSR stuff and home brewing and clones and all the usual stuff. Of course, every time I open my mouth that get’s me thinking. This time my thoughts returned to Yarc.

Back in the day, Yarc was my idea to house rule and kit bash stuff into my own Frankengame and basically it still is. It’s just that I haven’t done anything with it for a long time and so much has changed in mundane life that I should really go back and resurrect it.
So here’s the deal. Yarc is my weird gonzo fun but still kind of generic fantasy world. Oh, you’ll still see stuff pop here and you’ll probably see it here first. After a bit, the best bits are going to get put together, polished up and put on on RPGNow as PWYW. I’d kind of like to think of it as a Patreon in reverse. The stuff is already out and available but here’s a little way to support some guy who thinks he’s creative. So this means you should be seeing a whole more fun stuff here. And that was my whole plan all along for the blog. Fun OSR Stuff.
Let me say this again, really. Go check out Eric’s blog. There’s some really neat quick little random charts. And I’m not singing praises just because he’s reviewed some of my stuff. I really like the blog. So if you’ll excuse me. It’s time write some wild and crazy stuff. Wish me luck.

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