How about some d6 love?

A lot of stuff has been bouncing around inside my head for the last couple of months. One thing that came to the surface the other day was the good old d6 system. Now, I know ranted about this a couple of years ago and here I go again.
Traveler was my first scifi rpg. It was fun but it just didn’t hit the sweet spots. Then came along the d6 Star Wars RPG. Now that was fun. I really enjoyed running that game. Heck, even today when folks talk about the best Star Wars RPG, many return back to the d6 version.
If you do just a little research, you’ll know that there was a total meltdown a couple of years ago but on the bright side, the d6 system is OGL. And there’s been some great stuff put out with it. Most notably and my favorite Mini-6 by Antipaladin Games.
It just seems like there’s a whole wonderful gaming fruit tree in the orchard with ripe delicious fruit that’s just waiting. I don’t maybe it’s just that (like I said) I have so much stuff bouncing around inside my head right now. With that being said, I think I’ll take a moment or two and sit back, go through some old notes, brainstorm a little and see what falls out of my brain. Maybe something really cool. Or maybe something really stupid. We shall see.

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