Gangbusters BX!

Yeah, I know I’m a little late on this one but real life has been crazy. So here you go.
What can I say? Gangbusters BX is hitting the old school crowd like, well, gangbusters.

At its core, Gangbusters BX is good old BX D&D. Now there a few differences based around the genre (more on the genre later). This hits most obviously on the Saving Throws. It’s still 5 but they reflect not only the things that characters in a more mundane world would need to resist but also very common “skills” (Driving and Observation). There other “skill” options based on background or class. It’s not really a hard skill system like many modern games but just things a character is good at or use some other mechanic such as the special use of a Saving Throw, or even the good old x in d6. These are all things that folks who are used to old school games can pick up right away when they read rules.
Gangbusters BC does use that tried and true standard of class and level. There are four basic classes (Brutish, Connected, Educated, and Street Smart). They pretty much fill both the usual roles and broad enough to fit any of the genre roles.
So what genre is Gangbusters? Well, that all depends on what exactly what you want to do. If keep things at it’s core then you’re looking at all the old gangster movies and even hitting the film noir stuff. Tack on some of the optional rules and you’re heading into pulp territory. Think character like The Shadow or The Spider. And hell you could even delve into Lovecraftian Horror (this will take more work on the GM’s part). Creative GM’s don’t even need to keep to old times of 1920’s or 30’s. You could move to the 1960’s or 70’s if you wanted to. And since it’s based on BX, you can easily use it for your standard fantasy type game.
Yes, you could. Now, you could drop the classes but there’s plenty of subsystems for building gangs, legal entanglements, bribery, and investigation making some handy rules for those wanting to run an urban thieves guild type campaign. Like I said before, it’s based on BX so that means you can grab so many resources that out there and use them too and thus making Gangbusters another tool in your GM toolbox.
So should you get? I say, “Hell, yes.” Am I going to run it? Probably some time. I might end up using part of it The Blight and do a little brainstorming in my free time and come up with some crazy idea that might mix some of the pulpy masked avengers. Hmm. I don’t know yet. But it’s something that is on the “let’s play this” list.
Go ahead and check out Gangbusters BX Edition on DrivethruRPG. And word on the streets is that more Gangbusters stuff on the way.

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