Predictions 2022: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Just like everybody else, I got my predictions. But I want to start of with the positive first.

The Good: There’s a couple of things that am I excited about that should be released this year. The Shadowdark RPG looks pretty good. You’ve got all the old school goodness while adding some of the newer mechanics. It’s been a long time since I actually got excited about a game coming out. This is going to be welcome addition to the gaming library and I’ve already added some of the mechanics to my own home brew. Release is scheduled for Spring 2022.

There’s another game that I’m really interested to see and that’s the Goblinslayer TTRPG (English) version. This was supposed to come out in February but has been pushed back to April (at the time of this writing). Say what you will but I really want see this game and possibly some alternate design philosophies and from what I can understand it should be fairly rules lite. But we shall see.

The Bad: Oh WOTC….They say they’ll revive some classic settings. Just like Hollywood attempts reboots. Me thinks, they’ll stink.

The Ugly: This kind of goes with “The Bad” but may be we redefine D&D as Division & Drama. Various platforms are going to sink further into the cesspool. IMHO, so much of this is driven by narcissism, virtue signalling, attention whoring, self righteousness, and some folks just get off on the drama. Let’s face it. Everyone has a pretty tough last couple of years. How about just try to be decent, mature people. That may be too much to ask from some.

Let me pull back from the stink hole and end with the positive. Let’s go out there this year and have some fun. Roll those dice. Kill those monsters. And have fun.

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