Occult Summoning Ritual

Rafael Chandler puts out some wild, crazy, and dark stuff. It’s wild and it’s metal. This is little PDF packs in all of that.

This is a pretty simple 36-page PDF. It’s all about creating custom summoning rituals for modern horror campaigns. It’s start of with using a random “template”. This is basically the start of the concept on what needs to be done. Then you use a series of random charts to fill in the blanks. Here’s an example:

Blackmail a murderer into taking the detonator of a bomb to the beach and committing a crime. Break into the National Oceanographic agency and steal the files about something large and mysterious moving across the ocean floor then break into the residence of someone who killed a doctor and steal the diary of a Senator. Then take a gallon of gas from a gas station in the middle of a botched robbery turned hostage crisis. Put the items and corpses into a vehicle of some kind. Park the vehicle on an airport runway. Pour the gas over the items and corpses. Light the flame. The fire must burn until the bodies and items are charred.

Yes, I know it’s totally random and may not exactly fit your campaign. But wait there’s more. Now it’s time to find out what you just summoned. So here’s my random “demon”

HD: 7 HP (56 HP) AC: 15 Attacks: +6 2x (1d10+6), All Save: +3, Casts random 1st Level Cleric Spell 1x/day. It serves the summoner for 4 hours. The reward when it leaves: Using a powerful teleportation magic, the demon will transport the player characters to a location that would otherwise be inaccessible.

That’s it. It’s inspirational tool. Yes, since it is random you will have to do some adjustments based on your campaign. And, of course, it’s modern but that shouldn’t stop you from using it your standard old school fantasy games. Just substitute the roles of different persons and make little tweaks here and there to fit a more medieval setting. Substitute politicians for nobles, healers for clerics and so on.

Now, I do admit that I got the PDF as part of the Metallic Tome Kickstarter and the price is a high but it is inspirational. You can find Occult Summoning Ritual over on DrivethruRPG.

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