It’s Time To Put The F Back in Gaming

Too many folks take stuff way too seriously. There’s just too much keyboard warrior chest thumping and posturing. Dang it. Let’s have some fun out there.

This all came about when I was just doing some random surfing and 2500 Things Mr Welch Cannot Do In An RPG came up. I had a good laugh and then I got a little sad. This was posted way back in 2005. Post something like that now and you’d get all sorts flack. Screw that. Let’s have fun out there and laugh. Sure you sense of humor may be different. That’s OK. Let others laugh. But what about… Stop. Just stop right there. Most people are reasonable. They know and understand that there lines that don’t crossed. It’s just the jerks that screw it up for everybody.

So let’s go out there and laugh during our games and spread the humorous tales of quotes taken out of context, dumb things players say or do, slap stick fumbles, and might crits.

Quit looking at my axe.

Let us regale the tales of Eric & the Gazebo or the saga of the Head of Vecna. And spread our own tales of comic antics. Let’s get the gaming community laughing again.

And here’s a little tale of my own from Dungeon Crawl Classics. The Fighter gets hit with a fire trap, catches on fire, and drops. Elf runs up and tries but fails to put the fighter out. Cleric runs up and heals the Fighter back to consciousness (while he’s still on fire). Fighter tries to put himself out. Fails. Takes damage and drops again. Elf tries to put out the fighter again. And fails. I mean like they were rolling one’s and two’s for a simple DEX check. This went on for 3 rounds of the Fighter falling unconscious and getting revived while he was still on fire. Yes, we laughed off our asses at this morbid scene.

So let’s have fun out there. Roll the dice and laugh. And spread the word about the good times we have at the table.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Put The F Back in Gaming”

  1. This is exactly the spirit of my Sunday night game. The DM has developed an amazing ability to take the goofy jokes we make during the game, stat them up on the fly, and toss them at us as monsters. We have encountered Bonzi Buddies, Banana Men, the dreaded Meth Dragon, a Paladin of the Whey, all sorts of ridiculous creatures (and been brutally slaughtered by many of them.)

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