The Nocturnal Table

I like reviewing things that have been out a while. Cool products that have fallen off the radar but are still out there and just maybe some folks missed it the first time around. This leads us to the Nocturnal Table.

Like so many folks, I’m sucker for random tables. In general, they are some of the most useful and inspirational things you get your hands on. Nocturnal Table is just that. It’s sixty pages of mostly system-neutral urban inspiration. There’s a simple city encounter system which is something we all need more of. Let’s face it there’s tons of wilderness and dungeon encounter random tables but for cities, not so much. There’s also a very inspiring bazaar of the bizarre table because more likely than player characters will just look for something “interesting” rather than come out and just say what they want. There’s also the great “Local Color” random table to get those creative DM juices flowing and a “What’ in the Warehouse?” random table. And a neat little system for setting up a conspiracy.

The heart of the book is the “Nocturnal Table”. This is pages of random encounters, interesting events and NPC’s. For those times when the DM prep time just didn’t happen and the party is in the big city. Just a roll or two here will get things started for the evening.

This was really a good buy. The material colors a bit outside the normal lines but doesn’t go all crazy. It’s refreshing and different and most importantly it’s useful and inspirational. I like that.

You can grab up The Nocturnal Table over at DrivethruRPG.

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