OGL 1.1 and #OpenDnD & What to do

I just feel like I said even more on this. First, I’m not a lawyer. Second, I know some folks are getting tired of hearing about it. Well, I think there needs to be more screaming about it.

There’s already been plenty of analysis and commentary about what it all means so there’s no need to rehash that. And it’s safe to say that nobody is happy. It’s not a good deal for anybody but WOTC. So what to do about?

People are already doing the standard things. Boycotting WOTC and the upcoming movie. Cancelling DNDBeyond subscriptions. Cancelling pre-orders. Keep it up. There are already Change.org petitions. Here. Here. And here. Sign one. Sign all. There’s also an open letter site set up. Sign there too. Will this make a difference I don’t. But there’s more.

Keep up the pressure on WOTC. Post often. If you’re like me then Facebook knows you’re a gamer and you’ll see ads for D&D and DnDBeyond. Leave comments. They might get deleted but do it any way.

Amp up the pressure on licensees. We’re not sure who they all are and they probably have an NDA but let them know that if they support this then you won’t support them. That means everybody from the rando who sells licensed socks to Wizkids who makes miniatures. Sure your comments might get deleted and they probably won’t respond but they will be on the phone to WOTC saying that they need to do something about this.

I shouldn’t have to tell you to be polite about it but do be terse and professional.

There’s a couple of other groups I want to call out. The “It Doesn’t Affect My Table” crowd. Maybe it doesn’t. But it does affect so many other creators and tables. Show a little empathy out there. And the “I Won’t Stand Along Side This Bad Person” crowd. There have been arguments that have gone on for years about specific individuals. Just put that aside for a while and focus on the major threat to the RPG community. We argue that stuff later. In order to protect a community from bad actors, you need a community left. I’m not saying that any body has to be friends or forgiven. There’s a larger danger to everyone so burn down the whole thing just to get at few people.

So got out there and use the Internet.

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