Shadowdark Calling All Grognards

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about Shadowdark and the Kickstarter. Heck, it’s raised over $1 million. Damn that’s awesome. And it’s no secret that I like the game. This post isn’t about getting you to back it. That’s your decision. It’s about something else I’ve noticed.

I remember back to the early days of 5E. It was billed as the edition that brought all the editions together. They even had some input form folks from the OSR scene. And one of things that many folks pursued was the mysterious O5R style of gaming. IMHO, Shadowdark really hits that. It’s got solid old-school DNA and feel.

And then we had the whole OGL occurred and lot’s of folks swore off WOTC. This has driven a lot of people who have only played or ran 5E to Shadowdark. Any exposure that many have had to any old-school games and those who enjoy them has probably been via Internet drama.

So here’s your chance, grognards. Let’s start this things out by being ambassadors and (for lack of a better word) mentors. Be nice. Be cool. And spread the word. Don’t be an ass.

And to all you folks that have only experienced 5E. Approach this with an open mind. It’s different. At least listen to what folks have to say that have played those old-school style games have to say.

I’ve been around the Internet long enough to know that there’s plenty of jerks and idiots out there and generally they are some of the loudest voices. Just don’t give them the time. Heck, I know that I hold some unpopular opinions and I can be really sarcastic. As Bill and Ted said, “Be excellent to each other.” Have some fun. Roll some dice.

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