3D6: Where’d it come from?

Let’s face it. OSR types just love random tables. This little idea popped into my head. Let’s generate quickly the origin of a magic artifact.
Who Made It?
1 Elves
2 Dwarves
3 Humans
4 Orcs
5 Ancient Long Dead Race
6 Nobody Knows

Who Made It Famous?
1 An Elf General
2 A Human King
3 A Dwavren Champion
4 An Orcish Warlord
5 A Halfling Adventurer
6 An Insane Wizard

What They Did With It
1 Defeated a massive army
2 Turned its power on its creators
3 Killed a god
4 Killed a demon lord
5 Conquered an empire
6 Hid it away so no one could use it

So quick and easy. And that was kind of fun to type up quickly. I might do more of these.

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