Swords & Wizardry Complete Revised Kickstarter

Ahh, yes. I’m shilling another Kickstarter. This is a good one because Swords & Wizardry has fallen off the radar and it’s my favorite of the retroclones.

Here’s Swords & Wizardry Complete in a nutshell. It’s based off the three little brown books of original D&D plus the supplements. Basically, all the stuff that lead up to the design of later earlier editions. Plus it does throw one extra tweak in there. A single Saving Throw. It’s easy to play and run. It’s easily house rules and hackable.

But isn’t Swords & Wizardry already out? Well, sort of. There’s a couple of things that happened that led to this. First, the rules have reverted back to Matt Finch of Mythmere Games. (BTW, Matt is an awesome guy. Back it for that reason.) Second, there have been some revisions from previous printings. And third, there was that whole OGL mess and drama. So new license time.

I do already have the third printing and the boxed set (which didn’t turn out that well). But I’m still in for this one. It’s a good set of rules that can easily mixed in with other old-school games. So I’m there. It’s a great one to back.

So go check this one out over at the Kickstarter.

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